Tuesday, September 8th, 2015



Initial contact is free of charge (while I assess the work), after which my rate is £25 per hour. I will endeavour to quote a fixed labour charge “up-front” and that is all you will pay for my labour. For any other expenses (e.g parts, web hosting costs, etc) I will always get customer approval prior to purchase. It is my objective to be as fair as possible, to offer the best advice that I can, and to attempt to provide the kind of solution for the customer that best suits their need. To that end I try to use the best quality hardware for the situation, taking into account the requirements and the budget!


. Installation of new or replacement hardware, installation/updates of software, installation & configuration of routers/firewalls and network equipment.

. Recovery/Virus Removal (dependent upon a back-up being available, I will always try to repair/recover … sometimes a rebuild is the only option).

. Education – One-to-one tuition to help the user understand more about their world of “IT”. Please call to discuss requirements.

. Website Creation – Building and publishing a website; or assisting someone to build and publish their own. An example can be seen here – “BADCCC” .

. Personal Assistance – If there’s something you would like to do but lack the knowledge/confidence, and I can help, I will be happy to “hold your hand”.


. For anything else, please just ask. If I can help, I will.