Tuesday, September 8th, 2015



I have worked in the IT industry since 1968 when one of my first jobs was writing programs to cope with “D” (DecimalisationDay!

I retired in 2015 and started “GWizzIT” to provide assistance to local home users and small businesses.
Since moving house I have decided to make more use of my retirement and restrict my service to just home users, so if you need any assistance, please call.


My background was mainly in IBM mainframe computing, which has spanned operating systems, applications programming, systems programming, networking, security management and consultancy. I also spent many years as an instructor both for IBM and independent consultancies.

“Mainframes” have changed greatly since I started but still exist and many of today’s IT workers use them without realising. They not only support legacy operating systems, but also “Windows” and Unix derivatives. I now concentrate on on the “Windows” and Unix (“Linux”) side of the business.

My intention, post-retirement, was to assist home users (and, initially, small business) and “keep my hand in” so to speak. I try to work to a fixed price (quoted upon initial inspection/discussion) and I can often fix problems that larger businesses avoid (due to the amount of time involved), at a sensible cost. If possible, for corrective issues, I usually try to do the work in front of the customer so that they know exactly what I have done.

I can build systems from scratch for home users, and I can offer personalised training sessions for anyone needing to know more about their systems.

I am an advocate of Linux systems and can build customised systems for anyone wishing to try Linux as an alternative to Windows. This isn’t something that everyone will want, as it does require that the user has an interest in computing slightly above that of “emailing” and “web browsing”, but if you are interested in such things, then it does provide a stable system that can cope with most home user’s needs.

I use Linux daily and it really is a viable alternative to Windows. It is not so different that it cannot be learned by the average user, it is very reliable, less susceptible to a virus attack, and can often make an old PC productive again! If you wish, I would be happy to provide a demonstration.

If you think I can help you in any of the above areas, or those described on my “Services” page, please give me a call.