Windows XP & AVG “free”

If any of you XP users have noticed a marked dropped in the performance of your system lately, it may have been the last update (quite a major change!) to AVG. The degradation can be extreme.

I have come across several systems to date, where more than one copy of AVG was running simultaneously. (Use “Task Manger” to view your processes). It is likely that this has been called by a partially failing update (almost an upgrade by the seem of things) that fails to clean out the previous version(s). I rather think the failure is connected to the particular configuration of the PC in question as it doesn’t seem to affect everyone.

The solution (although it may not be that easy to effect) is to uninstall all references to AVG , and only after the last re-boot when all trace of AVG has gone, to re-install a fresh copy of AVG.

If that re-install causes problems, then uninstall and clean up any remaining AVG folders/references once again, and re-try the re-install.

Any problems, give me a call.


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