Windows 10 – BACK IT UP!

If you were one of those people who were given the option to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, then the question is have you taken an adequate back up?

If not then what will happen after the option to revert to your previous Windows version has passed and you have a severe problem with your new Windows 10 that requires a “System Recovery Disk” or worse still, a re-build of the system?¬†You should, no MUST, back up your new Windows 10 system in order to have a restore process that works even if the hard disk fails (again!), and possibly avoid having to buy another Windows 10 licence!

Well, don’t worry as that nice Mr Microsoft has provided a solution – albeit one that you will need to exercise for yourself – called “File History”, which can be found in the Control Panel (see below).


Here is a condensed summary of the steps you should take:

Firstly, you will need a blank DVD, a DVD Read/Write drive, and a clean remote disk device (I often use USB3 portable HDD).

This process will make a “stand-alone bootable DVD” so that you can start the laptop without a system in it! (If you need help in doing this, contact me or use Google)
It will create an “image” of your current system on the USB drive (or wherever you decide to keep it – not on the same drive of the system that you are backing up though!). NB. The image may be quite large – it depends on your current partition and usage!

1. With the PC up and running, connect the USB drive (or your chosen alternative).
2. Put the cursor on the Windows start icon (bottom left corner) and Right-Mouse-Click to get the control menu.
3. Select Control Panel
4. Change the display mode from “Category” to “Small Icons”
5. Locate the “File History” icon and select it
6. In the bottom left corner of the File History window you will see “System Image Backup” – Select it
7. The next screen will have “System Image Backup” and System Repair Disk” options at the top left – select the Image Backup again.
8. Follow the prompts and tell it to backup your “c” drive” and “system” (it should show you this automatically) to the USB drive…. it will do the rest.

– NOTE : this could take 30 mins to 2 hours …….

9. When complete, it will ask you if you want to create a Repair Disk … load the blank DVD and say YES.
10. When that completes, close everything down nicely and you should now have a “bootable” DVD and a folder on the USB drive called something like “WindowsImageBackup” in which your Operating System image is stored.


Should you need to “repair” your system you may have the tools needed on the “Repair Disk” ; if the worst happens, then the fact that the “Repair Disk” is “bootable” will allow you to run the Recovery program contained therein and replace the System Image from the “USB drive (or alternative) onto the system’s main HDD (“c drive”).


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